DIY Bone Conductive Headset

Today, we'll make a bone conductive headset using a piezoelectric speaker and a old headset.

1. Introduction to Bone Conduction Technology

(image from

2. Materials Needed

  1. Piezoelectric Speaker
  2. Old headset
  3. Soldering iron + solder
  4. Any audio player device (incl. phone)

3. Trimming the old headset
Cut out the speaker on the headset and you will see the 4 cooper wires
(green, red, 2 x cooper)

4. Soldering
Solder the two cooper wires together and red and green wires together.
Then, connect them to each side of the piezoelectric speaker.

5. Plug into Your Audio Player Device
Plug the 3.5mm plug from your old headset into the audio jack of your audio player device and play some music.

Now you have your very own DIY bone conductive headset!
Feel free to ask below if you have any problems :)


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