[IOS Apps] : MyPoint Powerpoint Remote : Turn your iPhone into a PPT Remote

I believe that many people uses powerpoint to have a presentation. And you may need need a real powerpoint remote in your hand. As most places did not provide a powerpoint remote for the presenter, you may need to buy one. But it is indeed quite expensive. You may use this app and the application for PCs to have a free ones.

MyPoint Powerpoint Remote
Official Website:
For the iPhone:
App Version: 2.1
Available for: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch(iOS v3.1.3 or upper)
Open up in Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/mypoint-powerpoint-remote/id340815720?l=zh&mt=8
QR Code download:

For the PC:
Windows :http://www.didonai.com/Downloads/MyPoint_Connector_Setup.exe(Windows XP/Vista/7/8)
Mac OS X :http://www.didonai.com/Downloads/MyPoint_Connector.dmg(10.6/10.7/10.8)
  1. Open it after installation.
  2. Now, open the app in your Apple device (remember that the two devices must be in the same internet server).
  3. Back to your computer. Select your iPhone and select “Authorize”.
  4. After connecting, it will check whether any powerpoint has opened. If you have opened the powerpoint, it will be like that:
  5. It will start the presentation.
You may change it to the “break” mode if you need to have a break between the presentation. Simply click the white or black coffee button to change the whole screen into white or black.
There are some settings, but you don’t need to change the settings normally.
This is quite easy to use at all. And you may use the personal hotspot to share the internet of the iPhone to the computer, that means you may use it whatever you want if you have 3G.


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