Host Your Website using Abyss Web Server #2: Port Forwarding and replace it with your domain

Today, we will forward the port and replace it with your domain.

Forward the Ports to let others see your website

1. Open your router's configuration page, for example, my tp link router's link is

2. Click on Forwarding (or Port Forwarding, Ports, etc, based on your router) from the menu.

3. Click "Add new"

4. Type in the following:

Port: 8080
Address: <The ipv4 address that we checked in the last post>

5. Click "Save".

6. Navigate to

7. The IP Address shown on the website is the address of your website, for example, my address is, so my web server's website is

Replace the address with a domain

1. Register a domain.

2. In the dns configuration page, add a new a record.

3. Type www as host and the address in as ip.

4. Add a new a record again.

5. Type @ as host and the address in as ip.

The address of your website is


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