Host Your Website using Abyss Web Server #1: Set Up Local Web Server

Nowadays, creating a website is not a complicated thing. However, getting a good hosting and domain is quite difficult. Therefore, many people host their own website in their home, and today, we are going to set up a web server in our local network using Abyss Web Server

Abyss Web Server consists of two versions: X1 and X2. X1 is a free personal version and X2 is a professional version which costs US$59.95. We will use the free version as a demonstration below.

First, we need to download the Abyss Web Server installer:

Direct Download (X1):
Mac OS X:
 After the installation, a set up page will show up as follow:

Follow the instructions to set the languages and access credentials. A console page will show up:

Then, Click Configure.

In the edit page, click General.

After that, change Default HTTP Port 50 to 8080 to prevent conflicts.

Press Restsrt.

Open Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center>Wifi(XXXX)>Details...
The IPv4 address + :8080 is the address of your local website. For me, the IPv4 address is, so my website address is

Navigate to that address and you should see the following:

The page above is the welcome page of the web server. To replace the page, you need to go to: C:\Abyss Web Server\htdocs. This is the root directory of your website. You need to put your index.html, other htmls and images there in order to show up on that address.

You now have your website on your local network!
In the next post we will forward the website and replace it with a domain.


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