[App Inventor 2] Make a Email Sender using AI 2

Today, we will make a email sender using App Inventor 2.

UI Design:

  1. Label1
  2. Textbox1
  3. Label2
  4. Textbox2
  5. Label3
  6. Textbox3
  7. Button3
  8. ActivityStarter1


After you run the app, enter the information and click the button. This will call the default mail-sending app of your phone to send the email.

1 comment:

  1. I push "send" and my Phone always will always open my e-mail program to enter the message.
    I'd like to klick the "send" button and the mail is sending without any other programs. :/
    Can you help me? :(

    And sorry for my bad english, but I'm from Austria and normaly I speak german. :D